Renee Amandeep Dryg

Peace Light Yoga

Winter Yoga, Food, and Beach Retreat

Costa Rica, Feb 2016


Amanbir (Joseph Young Jr., LAc) is a kundalini yoga teacher, yoga therapist, & licensed acupuncturist based in New York City. He offers a healing and fun approach to the ancient lineage of Kundalini Yoga.  In each class Amanbir is known for bringing his sense of humor, humility, music, and extensive knowledge of the healing field.  Amanbir currently teaches his in-depth understanding of western physiology, eastern anatomy & astrology in various yoga and therapy trainings world wide. He holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Be prepared to polish the jewel that you are and shine brightly into spring!

Amandeep (Renee Dryg) holds an MFA in visual arts and teaches Art and Yoga in a NYC alternative High School.  She is a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher. She seeks out wisdom and creativity traditions around the globe, is a  voracious consumer of the teachings of yoga, and infuses her varied experiences into her yoga classes. Her classes are experiential and creative. She knows that the Yoga journey is an inward path and that all paths lead to the same place, the heart and bliss of knowing oneself for the benefit of all. Plan to "show your colors" and make your mark.