Renee Amandeep Dryg

Peace Light Yoga

TANZANIA! Details to come, July 24-Aug 7, Aug 7- Aug 22, 2018

Tentative Schedule

Package 1

  • July 24-25, Orientation and rest
  • July 26-31, Volunteer
  • July 28, Arusha National Park 1 day Safari
  • Aug 1-4, Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro Crater, Safari
  • Aug 5, transfer to Moshi
  • Aug 6, 1 day Kilimanjaro Hike 
  • Aug 7, depart

Package 2

  • Aug 7, Rest or tour Moshi, new arrivals orientation
  • Aug 8-Transfer Moshi to Lushoto, Eastern Usambara Mountains
  • Aug 9-11, Village and viewpoint hiking to Mambo Cliff
  • Aug 12, Church, Irente Viewpoint, market
  • Aug 13-16, Volunteer
  • Aug 17 transfer to Zanzibar
  • Aug 18-19, Stone Town, Zanzibar
  • Aug 20-21, Beach, Zanzibar
  • Aug 22, depart

PRICES that follow include:

  • Group transportation, meals, housing
  • Yoga classes on non-transfer days

Prices that follow do not include:

  • Airfare to and from Tanzania
  • Individual transport, such as shopping excursions, public busses around town
  • Tips to drivers, guides, other staff

  • Package 1 +2~ 4 weeks
  • Package 1~ 2 weeks with Safari
  • Package 2~ 2 weeks with Zanzibar

Payable by paypal, chase quickpay, or clearxchange.

Please book your flight TO .... We often coordinate arrivals for group pick ups, and many of us take the same flights.

Activities begin early morning on start dates.


Amandeep (Renee Dryg) holds an MFA in visual arts and teaches Art and Yoga in a NYC alternative High School.  She is a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher. She seeks out wisdom and creativity traditions around the globe, is a  voracious consumer of the teachings of yoga, and infuses her varied experiences into her yoga classes. Her classes are experiential and creative. She knows that the Yoga journey is an inward path and that all paths lead to the same place, the heart and bliss of knowing oneself for the benefit of all. Plan to "show your colors" and make your mark.

Miguel Mendez, also known as the “Plant Yogi Chef”, is known both in South and North America for his active role as wellness coach, counselor, healer and astrologer. His expansive knowledge integrates plant medicine, yoga, Ayurveda, astrology and traditional chinese Medicine. 
Miguel lives in New York City where he studies and lives a path of conscious transformation, spirituality and wellness. His offerings and teachings share from the passion of his heart. He is a strong believer that by sharing and inspiring this world we will evolve into more conscious and peaceful environments. 

Arnbjorg Kristin ( Amanroop) is a native Icelander, tour guide, yogateacher, soundartist and healer. She is a certified Kundalini, family and childrens yoga teacher as well as Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Yogic counselor. She has written a meditation book True Nature in Iceland and released a gong cd called Peace Resound. She is inspired by nature and yoga in her creations and has participated in numerous yoga and peace events for the public in Reykjavik as well as in other countries. Read more about her journey on