About Me

I expect to earn my Master of Mental Health Counseling Degree in May of 2020 and have been a student of Yoga for over 15 years, training with many masters in different lineages. I mainly teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and offer a long gong bath in each group session, as well as individual sessions. in 2019 I became a trained Past Life Regression Therapist by Dr. Brian Weiss. From my own experience,  I have learned that the true teacher and healer is inside each of us, but it is sure useful to get some help from another human being along the way that has particular expertise to offer.

I am honored to be able to offer myself to others as a therapist and teacher, to share whatever I can to make this human experience fulfilling and happy.

I have been a High School Art teacher for 22 years in NYC working with an at risk youth population. In 2015 I began offering  holistic women’s retreat experiences for everyone but specifically targeted to women working in schools by timing retreats during school breaks.

Although I am a nomad I mainly live and work in Woodside, Queens, NYC.